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Sleep Paralysis: Do you often wake up at night? Has someone imposed something on the body? Are the hands and feet paralyzed? Did not catch you dumb? Or is it something else? Find out in detail.

Hands and feet become fixed in sleep. Far from talking, he can’t even call someone if he’s around. Many consider it to be a haunting, ghostly call. What haunts someone? Or something else!

In medical terms, it is called sleep paralysis or paralysis during sleep. Sleep paralysis is when a person’s body becomes temporarily paralyzed. Far from movement, there is no way to call someone. But after some time, the situation becomes normal. At this time, many worries are created in the patient’s mind. Many people get scared thinking why this is happening. In today’s language, it is called being caught dumb. According to the research, this problem can be observed among young people, especially those between 22 and 35.

What is Slipping Paralysis?

Sleeping paralysis is a brain disease. When people sleep deeply, such a condition is created only when they dream. Doctors call this period Rapid Eye Movement REM. It should be noted that no other body muscle works in such a situation.

Why does sleep paralysis occur?

Doctors of Britain’s National Health Service or NAES have pointed out some of the reasons behind the occurrence of sleep paralysis, such as.

Negative thinking. If people are depressed or overly afraid of something, then this problem occurs.

Excessive drinking and regular smoking also happen.

This problem is exacerbated in people who sleep too thin, don’t want to fall asleep or don’t get enough sleep.

Symptoms of sleep paralysis

Feeling negative energy.

It will feel like someone else is in the room with you.

Paralysis of arms and legs and inability to speak for a while.

The feeling of pressure in the chest and throat.

Body sweating etc

How to Avoid Sleep Paralysis

  • Remember, sleep paralysis is not a significant disease. This problem can be avoided by keeping a few things in mind
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stay away from negative thoughts
  • Getting enough sleep every day, about 6-8 hours a day, is critical
  • Keep mobile laptop away from bed before sleeping
  • Relax yourself before sleeping
  • Avoid noise
  • However, if the sleep paralysis reaches extreme levels, causing sleep disturbances, consult a doctor.