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Sefam S.BOX (Auto CPAP)

The SEFAM Connect telemonitoring platform assures the security and integration of all information transmitted
by the S.Box® and other compatible connected devices.
The mobile apps SEFAM Access (for the patient) and SEFAM Access Pro (for the home care provider) provide
access to this information as well as wireless communication with the S.Box®.
The SEFAM Analyze software provides precise and detailed treatment analysis to the healthcare professional.


Technical Information

  • Dimension (L x W xH): 24.5 x 14 x 11 with cover,
  • 24.5 x 18.5 x 11 w/humidifier
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (1.7 kg with humidifier)
  • Sound level: 26 dBA
  • Maximum Flow: 180 l/mn at 20 cm H2O
  • Display: Symbols
  • Mode: CPAP, Auto-CPAP
  • Pressure range: 4-20 cm H2O in steps of 0.5 cm H2O
  • Altitude compensation: Automatic
  • Leaks compensation: Automatic
  • Heated Humidification mode: Humid Control Plus
  • Ramp Time: 0-45 min, Intelligent Ramp (I-Ramp)
  • Tubing: 15mm, 22 mm, specific
  • Optional heated tube with ATC (Adaptive Thermos Control)
  • Mask Select: Mask unintentional leak calculation
  • Mask Fit & Go: Mask fit check and leakage indication
  • Comfort Control Plus (CC+): 3 levels of comfort mode
  • Intelligent Start (IS): Automatic start upon breathing
  • Respiratory events detection
  • Mask Off: Mask disconnection detection and auto-off
  • Circuit Select (CS): Resistance/pressure drop compensation
  • Wave & Go: touchless display activation
  • Data transfer: SD card, built-in Bluetooth, USB cable
  • Optional connectivity: 3G Modem, Wi-Fi
  • SEFAM Connect: Fully enabled telemonitoring platform
  • SEFAM Analyze: Treatment analysis software
  • Bluetooth oximetry: Full SpO2 data acquisition and synchronization

Environmental requirements

  • Temperature: + 5°C to + 40°C with cover,
    + 5°C to + 35°C with humidifier
  • Humidity: 15% to 90% relative humidity without condensation
    Storage: - 25°C to +70°C,
    ≤ 90% relative humidity without condensation
  • Altitude: From the sea level to about 2,500 meters

Electrical characteristics

  • Input tension: 24V
  • Electrical supply (class II): Input range : 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
  • Maximum electrical power:25 W (without humidifier), 75 W (with humidifier and heated tube)
  • Classification: Class IIa
  • RF Emission (BlueTooth version 2.1+EDR): Frequency 2,400 à 2,483.5 MHz (ISM band).


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