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How much sleep is needed : Sleep Calculator

How much sleep is needed : Sleep Calculator

There is no substitute for adequate sleep to maintain physical and mental health. But sleeping too much is just as bad for health as sleeping too little. Again, the need for sleep in childhood, adolescence, youth, youth, and old age is also different. The US National...

How to sleep in 2 minutes

How to sleep in 2 minutes

Do you lie in bed for hours, turn off the lights, and put your phone away to no avail? If the answer is yes, you probably suffer from sleep problems. It may not be a cause for concern if it happens occasionally, but if it happens every day, it could be due to some...

What causes sleep paralysis

What causes sleep paralysis

Sleep Paralysis: Do you often wake up at night? Has someone imposed something on the body? Are the hands and feet paralyzed? Did not catch you dumb? Or is it something else? Find out in detail. Hands and feet become fixed in sleep. Far from talking, he can't even call...

how many hours should I sleep

how many hours should I sleep

Sleep is essential to our health and well-being; it keeps our bodies and minds healthy and gives us energy. Prioritizing the time we spend sleeping every night is essential for those with busy lives. We will discuss the question many people have: "How many hours...

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Founder Chairman & Chief consultant, Dr. M. Muinul Hafiz is the head of this center and specialized in micro ear & nasal endoscopic sinus surgery. He is committed to excellence in the service of his patients through a careful, thorough, and considerate approach to the identification and management of their ENT health problems. He retains a consolidated experience of 26 years in his chosen field. He also worked as Consultant in Bangladesh Specialized Hospital.

He has presented numerous papers & articles, and served as panel member & faculty at various conferences & workshops conducted in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and USA.

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